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I want to keep a personal account in PayPal together with a business account. Can I have both accounts at the same time on PayPal?
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Yes, you are allowed to have two PayPal accounts. Referring to the PayPal help center, you are allowed to have two PayPal accounts, which can be one personal or consumer account and one business account. You can add email addresses, bank accounts or debit cards to these accounts. These accounts must however have their own email addresses and financial information. You are also given an opportunity by PayPal to upgrade your consumer account to a business account. 
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You can have 2 accounts on Paypal. One is business and one is personal. You can add credit or debit card on both, and you can even have different emails for both. I prefer different emails for not to confuse the user. The same process when you started your personal accounts, with your business accounts. Make sure to double check your information so that your money from different entities will come to your balance. 
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